Thursday, June 13, 2024

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About Us

ToolpartsConnect is committed to deliver complete range of tool parts with best to none prices and cooperative reinforcement that builds on expert technical advice and supportive customer care. ToolpartsConnect is all about bringing a wide range of replacement tool parts from all the major brands at extremely low prices so spare parts resellers, repair centers and others who need parts in bulk quantities can get the full value of the money spent.

By keeping our margins at minimum, we are able to bring great prices to our customers giving them the value that can’t be found anywhere else. Every time you step in our store, you walk out with your demands fulfilled and your requirements met. Our dynamic variety of products ensures that you don’t have to look anywhere else to get what you need.

In ToolpartsConnect, you've a reliable business partner you can count on. Discounted prices are just the beginning of what we have to offer as we bring a seamless shopping experience especially tailored for bulk ordering customers, prompt shipments and personalized customer care that stays on its toes to help customers out of issues they may face.

With our customers' contribution and trust, ToolpartsConnect's mission has been a raging success and we are fully committed to our objectives than ever before. We have an ever increasing inventory with detailed schematics being added every day. Every order takes us closer to our vision. If you have any queries or concerns please, call us at 760-201-8890 or email us at [email protected]